Millennials Are Killing God

Millennials have killed killed everything from diamonds to homeownership to chain restaurants because of our behaviors. Next, we are coming for your God. People 18-29 in the United States are less religious than ever before, and spirituality continues to decline year by year. With all the perks to being religious in the United States, you have to admit we are quite foolish to shun such a valuable institution.

There shouldn’t be a soul out there that wouldn’t want to join the religious movement in the United States. After all, this nation was founded by people looking for religious freedom. That’s why we celebrate it annually with turkey and discuss the impact of the Mayflower’s voyage multiple times throughout the academic career of our children. It’s not like colonizers came here for other reasons. Right?

Why would any millennial put themselves at odds with the nation? Or are they killing that, too? We don’t even respect the monuments to our strangled roots! We should do as our parents, grandparents, and extended family do and simply send our thoughts and prayers to fix our most dire problems like racebased police brutality, climate changemass shootings, or reactionary violence.

Who wouldn’t turn to God when your work or existence is constantly criticized and they can so obviously deal with the bigger problems leaving plenty of time for fixing comparatively more trivial matters?

It is strange that, despite all odds, millennials are refusing to accept the spirit into their hearts. Truly, as a millennial, I find it hard to fathom why all these industries are dying and we’re shedding the traditionalist mentality. Could it be we are finally stepping into our own light and changing the world in our image? Granted, we’re having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment, but it cannot be denied that we recognize we are the creators of our own world. We are the shapers of our own future. We have the power and ability to mould this planet into anything we so desire. Despite being apparently self-focused, we are more considerate of others and still opening our minds to our true altruistic nature lost in the competition of industry.

Perhaps that’s why we’re killing God. We understand that what needs to be done must be done ourselves, and in order to keep things on an upward trajectory we will be required to be more sensitive to problems or solutions. The way we have always done things, including some of the things we have always believed in, will have to be set aside for us to thrive.


Destruction of LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL

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[Image Description: A femme individual with long hair and glasses smirks at the camera, with her right fist balled and clasped in her left hand. The title reads “Destruction of Liberty and Justice for All HB2, et. al.”]

Synopsis: It’s the year 2016, and we’re still dealing with religious zealots pushing their agenda into daily life. These same people complain about how Sharia law might one day be over them, completely forgetting the Constitution that they so proudly proclaim to love, all while pushing their own Biblicly-rooted agenda. The majority of us in the United States do not believe the way these people do, but we have allowed their fearmongering about trans individuals to invade culture. This has lead to even more violations of human rights than simply disallowing trans people to use the bathroom appropriate for them. This is who is behind it all…

Transcript: In the Synopsis of Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills, I exposed the general narrative behind these fear mongering campaigns used to get bills like HB2 passed and Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance repealed. As always, there are many more layers to the story. So, let’s peel some of them back to see how this isn’t just problematic for trans individuals, but rather anyone that does not adhere to this particular ideology.

The bill from North Carolina was passed off under the name of “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act,” but did nothing to protect or secure individuals in public facilities or elsewhere. In fact, it was a response to an equal rights ordinance in the city of Charlotte that prohibited business from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, and allowed trans individuals to self-identify and use facilities that were most appropriate for them.

As a trans individual, I can say from experience that there is literally no one in our demographic that would be willing to expose themselves to the statistical likelihood of harassment, injury, or death. Trans individuals that may be dealing with dysphoria, social anxiety, or other obstacles resulting from living in such a bias society would never dream of walking into a bathroom that doesn’t match their presentation. Individuals will choose bathrooms based on their feelings, their appearance, and where they think will be most safe for them. As I’ve said before, the only “men in femme spaces” that have caused problems have been cisgender men and cisgender men only. Putting their issues with controlling themselves and their inability to function in society on us is absurd. But I digress..

The people behind these bills do not want anyone to believe that. They require the fear of rape culture perpetuated by cisgender men to push their agenda that’s rooted deep within the Bible. Who could desire to push such a God-fearing pious agenda? The campaign advisors for Ted Cruz’s council for religious liberty. Yes, in 2016, that is a thing. We’re marching towards theocracy, but we can discuss that some other time. The Benham brothers, David and Jason, are identical twins. Both of them graduated from Liberty University, a private non-profit Christian university with staunch Southern Baptist fire-and-brimstone leanings. In fact, the university teaches young Earth creationism as science, and has been criticized many times as being a sham of an institution.

These two brothers are prominent Christian leaders in North Carolina and staunch anti-LGBTQIA+ advocates. They believe their show that was due to air on HGTV was cancelled due to the “gay agenda” rather than their disgusting stances regarding basic human rights. These people claim that abortion rights, Islam, and the “homosexual agenda” are part of the “demonic forces at work” here on Earth. Essentially, they are delusional cisgender males attempting to push their own religion as the one true religion, and make everyone abide by it.

I also said EVERYONE. As I stated before, this was never just about trans people. The wording of HB2 limits people’s rights to pursue claims of discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, biological sex, or disability. It also disallowed cities from setting minimum wage standards for private employers.

It claimed to desire to “establish statewide consistency in laws related to employment and contracting,” and provide rules regarding “single-sex multiple occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities in school and public agencies.” This bill is actually a combination of several bills – Religious Freedom and Anti-Trans Bathroom Legislation. It is one of the most comprehensive and devastating to many demographics that are not cisgender, white, heterosexual, or financially secure.

Oh, and should I even mention that they define biological sex as “the physical condition of being male or female as listed on the person’s birth certificate?” Everyone does know we do not check chromosomes or other biological markers to determine that, right? So, we can stop having that conversation, yeah?

One could also even discuss how this narrative of protecting white women and children has been repeated since the Europeans decided to start taking the land of indigenous peoples of North America. How it has been used time and time again to destroy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for anyone that wasn’t Christian, white, cisgender, and heterosexual. This story has been used to justify torture, genocide, and unethical treatment in general for as long as Europeans have desired to make themselves appear superior.

Perhaps that’s something to discuss some other time.. For now, remember: If the shoe fits, wear it. Don’t get upset at the facts or how they are presented – examine what you believe, and see why you feel that cognitive dissonance in the first place. You just might find you have some gunk left to clean out of your mind to get to a place that’s better for everyone.

I hope that you stay safe, witchlings. Know that you are incredible, and I appreciate you. Thank you for joining me, and don’t forget to check out my social media for more discussions. Subscribe, if you’d like to stay up-to-date with my videos, and thank you so much for watching. Until next time, bye!~

Leaded Gasoline – High Price of Capitalism

Often, the argument is made that climate change could never be caused by humans, because we could not influence the globe on such a grand scale.However, I’m here to make the argument that we can. We have before. We are doing it to this day. Leaded gasoline had measurable impacts on our planet and the life that inhabits it, but it often gets swept under the rug or is largely ignored. If you have about ten minutes to spare, check out the latest video in my climate change series, The Lead Catastrophe.

Lead Catastrophe

If you’d like to begin with the first video, it introduces one to where exactly our lives exist in geologic time.

Bearings in Geologic Time