Millennials Are Killing God

Millennials have killed killed everything from diamonds to homeownership to chain restaurants because of our behaviors. Next, we are coming for your God. People 18-29 in the United States are less religious than ever before, and spirituality continues to decline year by year. With all the perks to being religious in the United States, you have to admit we are quite foolish to shun such a valuable institution.

There shouldn’t be a soul out there that wouldn’t want to join the religious movement in the United States. After all, this nation was founded by people looking for religious freedom. That’s why we celebrate it annually with turkey and discuss the impact of the Mayflower’s voyage multiple times throughout the academic career of our children. It’s not like colonizers came here for other reasons. Right?

Why would any millennial put themselves at odds with the nation? Or are they killing that, too? We don’t even respect the monuments to our strangled roots! We should do as our parents, grandparents, and extended family do and simply send our thoughts and prayers to fix our most dire problems like racebased police brutality, climate changemass shootings, or reactionary violence.

Who wouldn’t turn to God when your work or existence is constantly criticized and they can so obviously deal with the bigger problems leaving plenty of time for fixing comparatively more trivial matters?

It is strange that, despite all odds, millennials are refusing to accept the spirit into their hearts. Truly, as a millennial, I find it hard to fathom why all these industries are dying and we’re shedding the traditionalist mentality. Could it be we are finally stepping into our own light and changing the world in our image? Granted, we’re having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment, but it cannot be denied that we recognize we are the creators of our own world. We are the shapers of our own future. We have the power and ability to mould this planet into anything we so desire. Despite being apparently self-focused, we are more considerate of others and still opening our minds to our true altruistic nature lost in the competition of industry.

Perhaps that’s why we’re killing God. We understand that what needs to be done must be done ourselves, and in order to keep things on an upward trajectory we will be required to be more sensitive to problems or solutions. The way we have always done things, including some of the things we have always believed in, will have to be set aside for us to thrive.