Shades of Cosplay by Pretty Brown &Nerdy

Shades of Cosplay ( is a great documentary. Seriously, watch it, especially if you are part of the cosplay community.

Cosplay should be about becoming a fantastical character, pouring every ounce of passion you have into a project and coming out with something aesthetically pleasing, artistically beautiful. It is wrong to judge people for things that they cannot change. Full stop. Being yourself is the most perfect way to add a twist to the portrayal of a well-known character. It adds flavor and the freshness that allows for so many successful cosplayers and wonderful individuals to have a voice. Policing their bodies is detrimental to the message that such a community of intelligent and understanding individuals should be sending. If you do this, cease now. Think about how your actions, words, feelings effect others. Everyone is capable of empathizing, outside of a few cases. That should make us want to lift people up – not put people down, force label things onto them that they do not want, and everything else. Treat people how they would like to be treated. 

Via Pretty Brown & Nerdy (

Shades of Cosplay | A Black Cosplayer Documentary - YouTube


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