Importance of Homosexuality

So, is it any wonder why we have so many children without a stable and loving family? This adoption occurs naturally in nature, and the amount of species that this has been observed in has grown from 500 to over 1,500 known species. Animals display a wide variety of sexual habits, including exclusive homosexuality, and shows just how diverse the spectrum of LGBTQIA+ individuals is. It’s time to recognize what’s normal, and the easiest way to do that is through the use of language that we have cultivated over thousands of years. What one has to say about themselves, their experience, and their place in the world matters far more than what any single person could interpret from an old dusty text that failed to predict any modern problems, let alone provide solutions to them. Treat everyone with respect. Listen to them without considering what you will say in return until after they have spoken their piece. Let people exist as they are, and be happy with how you experience life. After all, the only purpose to this existence is to die gracefully (and perhaps perpetuate the existence of the universe through observation, but that’s a quirk of QM that has yet to be solved).

Image Credit: Jenny Jinya


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