Sanders Steps Away

 It was wrong for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to walk off that stage without listening. Human beings are fluid. We are dynamic in our thoughts and actions. Anyone that tells you that they are the same as they were in the past are either lying to you or lying to themselves. Thus, digging up support you had for the Civil Rights Movement of years past does not show what you’re willing to do now. It shows you have the capacity, but walking away and deflecting – a common tactic of the worst politicians – shows that the connection is disused. The understanding that once may have been there has dwindled to indifference, as if #BernieSanders removed the tape silencing the oppressed and put it right back shortly thereafter. What matters is what one listens to, talks about, and acts upon now. If he does not address this, he might as well step away from the election and pass it to Hillary. He would be part of the establishment.

#FeelTheBern.. out

Image Credit: Alex Garland
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