Rant All Day

What you say: “Being LGB is a choice! It’s a decision one makes!”

What intelligent individuals hear: “At 10, I cleansed my soul in the waters of my Lord and Savior so that my experimentation with the same sex in the past is forgiven. Now, I am actively scared shitless that I will burn in my worst visions of Hell if I so much as think of the same sex’s genitalia. So, I ignore an innate desire to be with the same sex for the sole purpose of not being hurt eternally. Instead, I will inflict my misery, hate, and woe onto other people, especially my future significant other. Eventually, I will probably realize the root cause of my never-ending unhappiness and depression and will either destroy my own life or my significant other’s life (most likely both) all because I was too much of a child to stop listening to bullshit other dumb fucking people put into my head.”


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